Welcome to my Home Page!

I’m Barbara, and I started this blog to share all the information I’m discovering while on my journey to wellness.

I was abruptly diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease, put on dialysis, and had a kidney transplant, all in less that a year’s time.

Talk about a whirlwind experience! I still can’t wrap my brain around everything that’s happened. All I know is my sister donated her kidney to give me a better life, so you’d better believe my mission is to keep myself healthy.

I’m learning the choices we make have a huge impact on our health. Everything affects the health of our bodies, from the food we eat, to household cleaners, to cosmetics. I’m searching for a cleaner, less toxic lifestyle.

I’ll cover topics of kidney disease in Beyond CKD, share ideas that are helping me tweak my lifestyle in Be Well, chronicle making the switch to clean home and beauty products in Choose Clean, and in Make Lemonade I’m learning that even one’s attitude can profoundly effect our health.

This is my journey: discovering wellness daily. So take a peek around. I hope you find some useful information to help you on your own wellness journey.

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